Publications and others


  • Barreto-Ojeda E., (2021). MDAnalysis MembraneCurvature Tool (Version 0.0.2) [Computer software].

  • D. P. Tieleman, B. I. Sejdiu, E. A. Cino, P. Smith, E. Barreto-Ojeda, H. M. Khan, V. Corradi. (2021) Insights into lipid-protein interactions from computer simulations. Biophys. Rev.

  • Barreto-Ojeda, E._, Corradi, V., Gu, R.-X., Tieleman, D.P. Coarse-grained molecular dynamics simulations reveal lipid access pathways in P-glycoprotein. J. Gen. Physiol. 150, 417–429 (2018).


  • Chair and speaker at the 64th Annual Meeting of The Biophysical Society.
    Barreto-Ojeda E., Bassereau P., Levy D., Tieleman D.P. Interplay Between Membrane Curvature and Conformational States in ABC Transporters. Biophys. J., 118 (3):25a-26a (2020).


As invited speaker:

  • When shape matters. Bogota, Colombia (2020) Electrodynamics I. Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Physics Department.
  • Lipids Pathways and Lipid-protein interactions in P-glycoprotein. Paris, France (2017). ABC transporters meeting at the Institut de Biologie Physico-Chimie (IBPC). University Paris-Diderot, Paris 7.
  • Lipid access pathways in P-glycoprotein determined by coarse-grained molecular dynamics simulations. Lisbon, Portugal (2018). Lisbon Biophysics Meeting at Insituto Tecnico Superior. Universidade de Lisboa.


  • Student Research Achievement Award. The Biophysical Society. United States (2018).
  • Globalink Research Award. MITACS. Canada/France (2018).
  • Dr. Jeanette Nicholls Graduate Scholarship. The University of Calgary. Canada (2017).
  • Instituto Balseiro Scholarship. Comision Nacional de Energia Atomica. Argentina (2014).
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Publications and others
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